Need a second opinion? Our Managing Director, David McKay is your ‘go to.’ With 30 plus years in the industry he offers a wealth of integrous experience to  provide Consultancy Services.

Consultancy services include the following:

  1. Vehicle History reporting; an in-depth report on the history of a vehicle including claims history and prior repairs (where available). Our analysis of the vehicle history will be attached to this report with recommendations (depending on the reason for the report).
  2. Verification of correct model year / date of manufacture for motor vehicles.
  3. Historical values on vehicles (accurate values for any point in time over the last 10 years).
  4. Provide experienced and expert assessors to represent clients in court matters.
  5. Second opinions on problematic matters (valuations / damage assessments / model year discrepancies).
  6. Mediation on repair cost disputes between repairers, clients and Insurance Companies.
  7. Verification of realistic local market values.
  8. Consultancy on Heavy Duty Equipment (valuations / assessments / reasons for mechanical failure and defects).