MSC McKay Facts:

  • Industry leaders for over 35 years! We got here by working really hard…. with unwavering integrity and building trust. Our clients proved that by sticking with us all these years. This sweet ride couldn’t have happened without YOU! Our heartfelt thanks!
  • We have a big family that is growing with us, to date we are 62 team members strong. There are several foundation members that we consider Operational Stalwarts: Colin Lee Quee, Nicholas Allen, Desmond "Desi" Ellis, Roger McKay, Jephtha Lawrence, Basil Delvaille, Morris Jones, Judith Morrison, Donald Graham & Norris Campbell. Meet our team members with over 10 years of commendable service: Tracey-Ann Beacor, Dianne Thompson, Karen Campbell, Lisa Blake-Brown, Janet McKenzie, Camille Adams, Alicia Prawl, Joel Burke, Kristopher Shaw, Suzan Hamilton, Kevoy Gooden & Vivienne Coley. As a team, we weather the storms together, and though some of us may emerge with ruffled feathers, like any other family, we survive them.
  • Our Chief Executive Officer, David McKay LOVES cars…and dogs! Yup, He’s got a whole bunch of them at home.

Our Roots

MSC McKay Ja. Ltd. is the paramount Loss Adjusting and Appraisal Company in Jamaica. Originally founded in 1983 as Management Security Consultants, then merging with McKay & Associates in 2000, the company transitioned with a fundamental focus on Loss Adjusting.

What We Do

We provide Damage Assessment & Appraisal Services on a wide range of Motor Vehicles, Mechanical Equipment, Marine Vessels, and Heavy-duty Equipment. Additionally, we offer Car Data Digital Services, Consulting Services, Concierge Valuations, Vehicle History Reports, Online Vehicle Value Guide, Valuation services, Mechanical Reports, and Property Rebuild Valuations. As evolving innovators, our comprehensive reports are accessible on our website and are accepted by all General Insurance Companies and Financial Institutions…without exception!

Our Team

Our team members are our greatest strength. We proudly serve you through 6 interconnected branches islandwide with a proficient and skilled team of assessors steered by 30+ years of expertise, by our head honcho David McKay. The Management team, branch administrators and their teams assist David to make the dream work, but he does all the ‘fun’ super technical stuff that makes us stand out from the crowd.

Our ability to deliver superstar customer service begins and ends with this uniquely collaborative and passionate team, who work alongside you every step of the way to provide you with friendly, efficient, knowledgeable service. Just remember…we value your future and consider it an honour to serve you.

Our Clients

Without you, where would we be?  We are so thankful that you place your trust in us. ICWI, BCIC, AGI, General Accident, GK General, JN General, Guardian General, Key Insurance Co., BNS, NCB to name a few, have been with us since our inception.  Everyday is a new day to be thankful, and we are truly blessed to have these companies ride alongside us.

Our Motto: Exceed Expectations.