Don’t risk buying a vehicle with hidden problems. Get a comprehensive Vehicle History Report.

Integrity counts​! ​A vehicle history report is a detailed document that provides the history of a vehicle including accident history, reports of theft or flood damage, faulty odometer settings, airbag deployment etc. These history reports are available for vehicles out of the USA and Canada, *United Kingdom and Japanese Domestic market models. The North American and UK model history report takes approximately one business day to prepare, and approximately two business days for the Japanese domestic market models.

When considering importing a second-hand vehicle from another market (e.g. North America) you should always know its history.  Many imported second-hand vehicles have been involved in major accidents, were poorly repaired,  may have suffered flood damage, or in some cases are stolen vehicles.

All vehicles require the replacement of the timing belt after a pre-determined mileage has been exceeded. Failure to do so will result in major damage to the engine should this timing belt break. Checking that your odometer mileage has not been adjusted will ensure that your vehicle will be serviced at the correct time.

Japan Domestic Market History

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Canadian Market History

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United Kingdom Market History

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