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Vehicle Valuations Reports
A detailed report that informs you of the condition of a vehicle as well as the current Market Value. This may be used to verify the Market Value of a vehicle you wish to purchase, or confirm the Market Value of a vehicle you wish to sell or obtain a loan on. Should the vehicle be unable to be brought to our offices, our valuators are able to go to the vehicles location to inspect. Kindly contact the closest MSC Mckay Branch office with vehicle details to obtain the cost of the offsite inspection (Additional Cost Involved for Offsite inspections). For Mechanical and Valuation reports, we require the vehicle Registration and Fitness documentation. Should the vehicle be newly imported and not registered locally, the Landing documentation should be provided. The vehicle should be able to be driven to properly test components. If it is unable to be test driven, it will be valued on an As-Is basis on which the value would be conservative in nature.
Heavy Equipment Valuation Reports
Our experienced engineers provide valuations reports for heavy and industrial equipment, ranging from generators, forklifts, trucks to large earth moving equipment. Our expert has over 30 years experience in the heavy equipment industry and has trained with several of the worlds major heavy equipment manufacturers. 
Vehicle Damage Assessments Reports
In the unfortunate circumstance of an accident we understand that your priority is to get your car back in excellent condition. Our Damage Assessment reports will verify the exact damage and cost of repairing your vehicle, or may be used to confirm that the repair estimate done for another party's vehicle is accurate.
Provide us with the Fitness and Registration Documents, a copy of the Estimate of Repair from the repairer, and a copy of the Accident Statement made to your Insurance Company. We will inspect the damaged vehicle, verify the damaged parts along with their replacement or repair cost, confirm the estimated labour charges, and provide an completed Damage Assessment Report within three to four business days. Clients may contact our closest Branch office for the cost of an inspection.
Import Vehicle History Reports
If you are considering purchasing an imported vehicle from another market (Eg: North America), and need to know its history, this is your option. As many vehicles imported are usually heavily repaired, flood damaged, or even stolen, this report will assist you in making an informed decision before purchase. Provide us with the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of the vehicle and we will do the rest. These report draws information from databases that store vehicle accident and Insurance Claim Information. Click HERE to request a Import Vehicle History Report.
Vehicle Mechanical Reports

A professional opinion on the "roadworthiness" of your car. This Report contains the same information as a regular Valuation Report, however without a Market Value.  This type of report is used mainly to ensure roadworthiness for Third Party Insurance policy coverage which does not require a market value. This report should not be confused with a more intensive Pre-purchase Inspection which is usually done by a mechanic.





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Online Valuation Report Verification

All MSC McKay Valuation Reports that are presented may be verified by selecting the Retrieve Report button in the top right corner of our webpage. This feature allows local and international companies that rely on our reports the ability to verify printed copies, thus eliminating the possibility of receiving altered valuation reports. This service is heavily used by Credit Unions, Banks, and the Insurance Industry to reduce the incidence of fraud. This feature prevents the underwriting of non-roadworthy, damaged, and non-existent vehicles in many cases saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This service is secure and not provided by a third party entity. This is just one of the many value added services available from MSC McKay (Ja.) Limited.

Concierge Valuation Service

If you are unable to come to our offices to have your vehicle valuated, please utilize our Concierge Valuation Service (Conditions Apply).  Our Concierge staff will go to your location to carry out the inspection process. Click HERE to obtain further details.                                         

Secure Payment Portal

MSC McKay offers the use of our Secure Payment Portal for online Credit Card and Visa Debit Card transactions. Select the Pay Now for Services button located in the lower right corner of our main webpage or Click HERE to access.



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